Why I Decided to Open a Spoonflower Shop

How do you hope/envision makers will use your fabric?

I really cannot wait to see what others make with my patterns. When I launched my business, my hope was that my drawings would become backdrops for people’s spaces, offering a little bit of joy and artful inspiration to their everyday life. For my patterns to be available in an array of textiles is really exciting to me.


What’s your design aesthetic and what inspires your work?

The patterns in my shop or sort of a “Greatest Hits” collection in a way! Some of the designs date back to when I first started out. I don’t know if I have one single design aesthetic? I think overall you will see that my work is lively, colorful and sort of playfully sophisticated.

The things that inspire me are vast. Art history, nature, architecture—even just a color combination I set my eyes on can send me on a mission to create a pattern based around it. Pattern design is like creating a puzzle from scratch. It’s the process of taking all the shapes and colors I’ve made, then turning them into a puzzle that has had me hooked for so many years.