PODCAST: Showing up for a creativity conversation and embracing the process with artist Terry Runyan



Terry Runyan is a visual artist, illustrator, creative encourager and cat lover living in Kansas City with her adorable cats Rylee and Tucker who she credits for being huge inspirations to her work.

After working as an in-house illustrator for 30 years at Hallmark, Terry took the leap back in October 2016 to explore her own art and creative processes.

With an Instagram following of over 340K, Terry also creates video tutorials and lessons on watercolour, mixed media and collage.

Seeing creativity as a means to connect, communicate and share with others – Terry loves to encourage people to explore their creativity for the pure joy of it.

Most recently Terry has released a new book Painting Happiness – Creativity with Watercolours which is a simple and vibrant guide explaining the art of watercolour through mindfulness and providing inspiration, practical advice and step by step projects. Focusing on the creativity that is revealed in each new moment, overcoming perfectionism and freeing yourself from the inner critic, terry encourages us to explore, experiment and play.

Episode 5 includes:

  • Working as an in-house illustrator for over 30 years and knowing when it’s time to change it up
  • Exploring mixed media and creating for the pure joy of it
  • How creativity is ever present and that there is no such thing as creative block
  • Making a pact with yourself – Creating on a daily basis
  • The creative process of writing a book
  • Exploring the ‘hate it’ phase and moving forward


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