How to Boost Your Happiness with Dopamine Dressing

What Is Dopamine Dressing?

Dopamine dressing is all about fashion that brings joy. There are no guidelines: Everything you like is allowed! Because studies prove it: People who wear bright colors and clothes that make them feel good all over are in a better mood. This is due to the neurotransmitter dopamine, which, together with serotonin, is one of the “happiness hormones.” And when we feel good, our posture, voice and facial expressions automatically change. This is because people absorb colors through the eyes into the part of our brain where our emotions are located.

What Is Dopamine Color?

That’s the beauty of this trend. Every bright color is a dopamine color! The main thing is that it makes you happy. That’s why it’s also been called happy dressing.

Wearing Brighter Colors Can Make You More Confident

The effect of clothing on one’s own psyche was already proven in 2012 in an experiment by Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky. The two scientists had their study participants put on white coats. One half was told they were wearing a doctor’s coat and the other half was told they were wearing a painter’s coat. And, lo and behold, the subjects in the supposed doctor’s coat automatically exhibited more self-confidence. This shows that clothing (especially in bright colors) can really give us self-confidence and just put us in a good mood.

Dopamine dressing has now already completely convinced us. Gaudy blouses, fancy shirts, pants, and bright jackets and coats. Bright colors are definitely the new black. But what do others say about this trend?

Others benefit from this trend—when you wear a colorful outfit, you only see yourself in the mirror, but other people perceive the colors and project the good mood back in turn. A win-win situation for everyone!


Meet the Dopamine Dressers

We asked four dazzling personalities who live and breathe dopamine dressing what they think of this trend and what they love most about it. Read on for exclusive tips on how to incorporate this trend into your everyday life (how to dress). Plus, we’ll introduce you to colorful designs so you can get started right away.