Build an innovative brand and stay creatively inspired

“Have patience and don’t ignore experimentation. It’s often in our mistakes and our exploration that we can find something truly great. As creatives we’ll naturally have ebbs and flows. It’s a difficult thing to be constantly inspired and you can’t create in a void. Research and actively seek outside sources for inspiration and don’t just rely on your poor brain (or heart) to come up with something for you.” – Kelly Crossley

In week 2 of The Master Series we are exploring your brand. There are so many ingredients involved in creating an online brand – where do you even start? How do you get your head around social media, stay up to date and stay on top of all that posting? Are you at the stage in your career where you’re ready to make a logo and choose a brand style? Ever wondered how you can make your brand unique and stand out from the crowd? Join our experts Charlotte and Kelly as they demonstrate how to build an impactful brand with personality.

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