Attract your dream clients and bring in those customers

“You need a clear idea of who your customer is. If you are selling direct to a consumer, you will need to keep the customer at the forefront of your mind. Think about how you want to convey a trend to your customer, and what you know about that specific trend, where it has evolved from and why it’s important and would it appeal to your customer”. – Porter & Brawn

This week in The Master Series we are exploring trends and what it means to use trends effectively within your design work. Have you always wondered where Trends Consultants go to do their research? Curious how trends experts find what’s popular and predict the next big thing? Perhaps you’ve already researched trends, you’ve chosen a theme, style or colour palette you want to work with and are wondering what’s next? This is where our guest experts Porter & Brawn and Jess Williams come in to help you take your creative career and business to the next level with trend insights.


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